2.1 Authority, Responsibilities, and Duties

The University of Georgia has designated the Office of Development as its fundraising arm. The Office of Development is managed by the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. He or she is the chief fundraising officer and reports to the President of the University. The Vice President is responsible for the coordination of all fundraising activities, including the overall supervision and management of fundraising programs, administration of staff, and management of the cultivation, solicitation, and proper stewardship of all donors on behalf of the University.

For purposes of these policies, the term “gifts” refers to private contributions (such contributions are sometimes called “grants” by foundations and corporations).  Gifts are outright or deferred contributions received from private contributors (individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, and organizations), sometimes referred to herein as “donors,” in which neither goods nor services (other than general reports and/or fulfillment of donor intent) are expected, implied, or forthcoming for the donor.

The Internal Revenue Service defines a donor as someone who makes a contribution directly to a “qualified organization” or legal representative of that qualified organization for the use of a legally enforceable trust for that organization or in a similar legal arrangement (fund agreement). It must NOT be set aside for use by a specific person.

All gifts or grants, whether for current use or endowment, solicited in the name of and treated as a gift to any part of the University, must be recorded by the University of Georgia Foundation.

The following policies and procedures set forth the guidelines for the University of Georgia fundraising program.  Exceptions to these policies may be granted, where appropriate, by the UGA Foundation Board of Trustees or its Executive Committee.

Last Updated on February 14, 2020