2.3 Event Approval

All events that will have revenue processed through the University of Georgia Foundation are subject to this policy.

Events with revenue processed through the Foundation usually include business related events sponsored by UGA units/departments for donor or alumni activities. Conversely, for academic or professional development events or any event where expenses are paid with UGA funds, the event revenue should be deposited at UGA. The University of Georgia Foundation may support these events by transferring funding to the appropriate UGA account.

For any events falling under this policy, an approved Event Approval Form should accompany all University of Georgia Foundation deposits.


  1. Prior to the submission of any deposits or disbursement requests, an Event Approval Form should be completed and forwarded to the Development and Alumni Relations Office of Gift Accounting. Event forms require the signature of the UGA unit’s Vice President, Dean, or Director. Signed forms can be faxed, emailed, or sent via Campus Mail. Please allow 5 business days for processing once received by Gift Accounting.
  2. The Offices of Gift Accounting and Financial Accounting will determine if the event is approved for processing through the University of Georgia Foundation. Financial Accounting sends notification to the coordinator of the event outlining the reporting and accounting requirements.
    1. If the event meets the IRS definition of a fundraising event, the event is subject to the University of Georgia Foundation’s Fundraising Event Policy.
    1. If the event is not a fundraising event, notification of approval will be sent to the coordinator of the event.
      1. An approved Event Approval Form should accompany all deposits related to the event.
      1. All revenues and expenses for an event should be processed to/from the same University of Georgia Foundation account.
      1. For each type of other income (sale of merchandise, registration, etc.), please identify the type of revenue by attendee name and amount. PLEASE NOTE: Sale of merchandise requires a separate approval form.

If you have any questions on whether a specific event will be considered acceptable income for the University of Georgia Foundation, please contact the Office of Gift Accounting.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022