3.6.2 Gifts of Stock Certificate Instructions

When stock certificates are in the donor’s name-

  • Do not sign the certificate(s).
  • Please sign one (1) Stock Power for each stock issue. Please make extra copies as necessary. Sign your name on the form exactly as indicated on the stock certificate.
  • Please mail stock certificate(s) to the University of Georgia Foundation unsigned and in a separate envelope from the Stock Power(s).
  • Lastly, please mail the Stock Power(s) to the University of Georgia Foundation. The address is:

Gift Accounting
UGA Foundation
1 Press Place, Suite 101
Athens, Georgia 30601

When the stock certificates are in the name of the Foundation

  • Simply have the donor mail or deliver the certificates(s) to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation’s Gift Accounting team will handle the remaining details.

Please call (706) 542-4438 with questions.

Last Updated on May 20, 2022