3.9.6 Sponsorship of Events

Similarly, a donor or group of donors may wish to ‘sponsor’ and event by ‘picking up the tab’ for such items as facility rental, bar, food and/or entertainment expenses.  If the donor represents the business, the proper way to make such a gift would be the same as indicated above- submit the bill for payment and then make a cash contribution.  Otherwise, each vendor should submit an invoice for payment.  Then a donor, or group of donors, may offset these costs with a cash contribution of UGAF.  If payment from UGAF is not acceptable (e.g. a country club can only accept payment from a member), the donor may pay the bill(s), submit copies of the invoice(s) for reimbursement, accept payment and then make a contribution (either by signing over the check or by issuing one from their personal account).

Last Updated on September 18, 2019