4.9 Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts

Many corporations have donation programs through which the corporation will supplement gifts made by their employees to educational and other non-profit organizations. These gifts from corporations are called matching gifts. They are generally made in a fixed ratio to the gifts of the employee, i.e., 1:1, 2:1, etc. on an annual basis. The Foundation encourages its alumni and friends to avail themselves of their employer’s matching gift program. The Foundation also encourages donors to examine carefully the guidelines established by their company and to adhere to these guidelines.

Matching Gift Guidelines

The Foundation will strictly adhere to the matching gift guidelines of each employer and to the policies that each company has established for its employees. When there is an ambiguity in the program concerning any specific gift, the Office of Gift Accounting will consult directly with the company for a correct interpretation of its policy, and will abide by the interpretation provided by the company.

By virtue of the completion of the matching gift request and submission of this request to the company, the Foundation is confirming that the donation received from the employer will be committed to the educational, research, or community service mission of the Foundation. Where an individual makes payment for the services of the institution (for example, tuition and fees, tickets to sporting events, etc.) or where such services and benefits are provided to the donor or family members in exchange for the gift, UGA will not submit a matching gift form for that gift.

Office of Gift Accounting Responsibility

To ensure consistency and integrity in its administration of all donor contributions for company matching gifts, UGA has designated the Office of Gift Accounting to be responsible for handling matching gift affairs. The Office of Gift Accounting will:

  • Review and verify all donor contributions for which matching gifts are requested to ensure that they conform with the guidelines for donations, with respect to the stated company policy and the designated purpose of the gift.
  • Maintain records of donor contributions and matching gifts under audit control so that there is a clear record of the individual’s dollar contribution, the purpose for which the donation is made, and the related company’s matching gift program guidelines. Matching gifts are credited to the gift record of the donor. They can be identified on the GAIL system.
  • Sign and transmit all matching gift requests, thereby ensuring consistency and control in complying with company regulations.

Be available and responsive to questions from participating companies concerning transactions and acknowledgment of gifts to donors.

Last Updated on September 23, 2019