6.1.2 Security Levels

Access to FAME will be granted based on an employee’s job responsibilities.  The security policy’s intent is to empower users to complete their tasks from beginning to end within the system where possible.  The roles within FAME are closely tied to department funds or, in some instances, unit funds which require review.  Campus units are only allowed to view the activity in their specific funds when access is granted.

FAME users are assigned roles which have various permissions allowing access to functions within the system.  There are various types of access a user can be granted in FAME:

  • Database access – Indicates the level of records a user may view in the system.
  • Menu access – The screens and menus a user may view in the system.
  • Report access – Reports the user has access to view and/or run.
  • Role access – Controls the ability to modify system security and user management.

Major Security Roles Available:

  • Unit Level – Schools, Colleges, or units (i.e. Terry, Law, etc.). This level of access is usually given to Deans, unit office staff, Unit Development, etc.
  • Department Level – Departments within units (i.e. Accounting, Insurance, etc.) Usually these are professors and department level staff who focus on a limited number of department level funds.
  • Online Check Request – Provides access to an online check request system. Not available in all Units.

Last Updated on May 20, 2022