6.2.2 Security Levels

Access to GAIL will be granted based on the role the employee performs at the University.  The security policy is designed to empower users to complete their tasks from beginning to the end within the system where possible.  This provides a single source of data for all campus users, decreases the training needed when moving within the university, tracks interactions with constituents, and maintains data security.

Views will depend on the constituent type, information contained within the record, and the device used to access the system.  A constituent type, such as an individual or organization, will change the screens which is necessary to work with a specific record.  If a constituent has earned recognition club levels then other screens will be displayed.  If selected, GAIL provides a limited view which can be used on mobile devices and which limits options based on screen size (a user may also view the entire system, but displays are not re-calibrate for smaller screens.)

Security roles are assigned and maintained by Advancement Services in the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.  They will assign the appropriate role based on an employee’s job function and data access needs.

Major Security Roles Available:

  • View Only – User has the right to view information in the system but cannot update or pull any information out of the system through electronic means. Access requires a “Confidentiality Agreement”, and the successful completion of “View Only” training through either in-person or online classes.
  • Update – User may update constituent biographical information, prospect plans (if applicable), events (if applicable), acknowledgements, correspondence notes or letters, and volunteer information. Access requires a “Confidentiality Agreement”, “View-only” training, and advanced training based on the employee’s job responsibilities.
  • Events -Enables the user to update information within the events module. Special event module training is required for this level of access.
  • View Query – This role may be granted to any role for an employee requiring the ability to run or output query information. No new queries can be created with this role.
  • Query – This role has a limit of two people within each unit which have a need to do data modeling and reporting. These users must come to monthly meetings for ongoing training and updates on using this portion of the database.
  • Membership Access – Employees needing access to the membership module of the database may have access to develop programs and assign members as payments come in. This module should be used for all membership programs on campus in which payments are processed through the University of Georgia Foundation.
  • Gift Receiving Roles – Multiple roles designed for the Gift Accounting group to allow entry of gifts and assets which will be passed to the financials. The Gift Accounting Department within Financial Services is the only group which may commit revenue within GAIL.
  • Research Roles – Multiple roles within the research group to facilitate workflow needed in the Research Department.
  • Web – Advanced role which allows units to update web components with the public facing Internet component of GAIL.
  • Email Services User – Role designed for employees who need to use the e-mail component of the Internet application. Used for sending newsletters and tracking communication in the system.

Last Updated on June 24, 2019