Non-GAIL User (UGA Employee) Requesting Data Lists

A UGA employee that is not an authorized GAIL user may have a need for data from the system. An authorized GAIL user may supply data on these conditions: 1) ensure a non-disclosure form has been signed with that employee (found on the document tab of the constituent record of the requestor) (http://www.dar.uga.edu/gail_support_docs/Non-Disclosure_Person.pdf), 2) send all communication through the secure SendFiles application supported by EITS (http://wiki.eits.uga.edu/help/index.php/SendFiles), and 3) ensure the data is discarded immediately after the project is completed or in two weeks whichever timeframe is shorter.

An example of this type of request is: A professor needs an alumni list for their department to conduct a survey. In general, the professor has no business need for the information in GAIL but from time-to-time wants to utilize the data. A GAIL user authorized to write queries, can then create and export the requested data assuming the two conditions above have been met. This allows for the use of data by employees on campus and can be serviced by local GAIL users.

Last Updated on June 24, 2019