6.4.2 Contract Requirements

Most contracts, purchase orders, or payments to professional fundraising consultants and/or solicitors will be processed through UGA and UGA as the contract owner.  In some instances, the contract must be put in the name of the Foundation.  The UGAF Compliance Officer will file all known consultant and professional solicitors which are done in the name of the Foundation.  Note:  This filing must be complete before the vendor may initiate any fundraising activities.  This process typically requires about two months and should be done before the contract is signed on behalf of the Foundation.  The UGA Purchasing Office is responsible for compliance of any contracts executed in the name of UGA. 

Contract should include:

  • State-mandated content.
  • Language for immediate termination without penalty for noncompliance with registration requirements and indemnification for penalties incurred by the charity on as a result of vendor noncompliance.
  • Vendor registration compliance before contract is signed.
    • Vendor should work with a UGAF Compliance Officer to ensure contract submission is done in conjunction with changes needed for the UGA registration
  • Note: Vendors should not file with any state until UGA also files with the state and these filings must be done at the same time.

Click here for sample contract components.

Last Updated on June 24, 2019