7.5 Account Status Reports

Financial reports on funds are available for viewing on-line and local printing through FAME. No reports will be distributed by the Office of Financial Services; it is the responsibility of fund representatives to access the reports necessary in managing their funds.

Access is granted by completing the appropriate form and forwarding it to the Foundation’s Accounting Office. Where appropriate, individuals should request access for the entire department or school/college. This will accommodate the inclusion of funds that will be created in the future. If necessary, access can be granted account by account.

Examples of reports available on-line include the following:

  • Benefiting Department Report – lists the balances of accounts associated with a given department/unit and displays the trust purpose description.
  • Monthly Summary Report – provides trust purpose description and fund balance with summary totals of revenue and expense categories.
  • Detail Status Report – reflects individual transactions for the month, by each account.
  • Account Listing – provides a list of all accounts by department/unit that the user can access in FAME.
  • Object Code Listing – lists object codes from the chart of accounts used to code transactions in FAME.
  • Spending Budget Report – provides spending balance remaining for fiscal year. This report only applies to endowments.
  • Financial Statement Report – provides asset/liability balances and revenue/ expense activity for an individual account with a drill down feature to access individual transactions.

The reports are maintained by the Foundation’s Accounting Office. Any questions should be directed to Financial Accounting (706) 542-6677.

Last Updated on May 20, 2022