8.1.1 Expenditure Matrix

Policy Statement:

Per Foundation policy, University units should process financial transactions through UGA for all expenditures covered under University System of Georgia (USG) rules and regulations. Application should be made to the Foundation for expenditures that are not covered or not allowable by USG rules and regulations.

Use of this Matrix:

While the Foundation may provide funding for all of the allowable expenditures listed below, this matrix outlines what entity should be used to process a particular type of expenditure. If the UGA box is marked, the appropriate UGA system should be used. Examples of UGA systems include:

  • UGAmart for requisitions and purchase orders
  • UGA Payment (check) Requests
  • UGA Legal for contracts
  • UGA Expense for travel and employee reimbursements

If the UGAF box is marked, the expenditure is not covered under USG rules and regulation and the request should be submitted directly to the Foundation.

Last Updated on September 17, 2019