8.12 Payments for Student Financial Aid (Scholarships)

UGA Foundation supports the University of Georgia with student aid, including scholarships and student awards. UGA Foundation works closely with the University to align with reporting and processing standards.

Resources or aid, to include scholarships, awards, or stipends that a student receives due to their enrollment at UGA will be processed in coordination with the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). This co-facilitates proper reporting and ensures compliance with IRS rules and the requirement that any educational benefits paid to a student, regardless of the source, are considered in the determination of eligibility for federal financial aid.

Recipients are selected by the responsible units in accordance with the qualification outlined in the donor fund agreement and OSFA policies and procedures. The Foundation may periodically review selection processes to ensure benefitting departments are abiding by the respective trust purpose.

A detailed explanation of payments for student financial aid, as well as a decision tree for determining the best method for processing an award is located under Administrative Forms & Resources on the Foundation’s website.

Student aid requests funded by UGAF are processed and administered via the ScholarshipUniverse system housed within OSFA. More information about the scholarship system and instructions for access can be found on OSFA’s website.

Updating Scholarship Budgets
Requests to add or update scholarship budgets funded through UGAF may be made by submitting a Scholarship Budget Request form through TeamDynamix. Once UGAF receives and reviews a scholarship budget request, the request is forwarded to OSFA to make the necessary budget update effective in ScholarshipUniverse. Please send any questions about the budget update form or process to askfsap@uga.edu.

Last Updated on May 10, 2023