8.16 Checks Reissued

Checks issued by the Foundation are valid for a period of 90 days from issuance. After 90 days, the check is considered stale and will not be honored by the bank.

To obtain a replacement check, please send written request (email, memo, etc.) requesting a reissuance to the Expenditure Control Department in the Foundation Office with the original check request number or issued check number, the business reason why a replacement check is required and the stale dated check. Before a replacement check will be issued, the stale check must be sent back to the Foundation for destruction.

If the stale check is not available, it will be considered lost or stolen. Again, a written request (email, memo, etc.) from the vendor or department is required to issue a replacement check and the written request must explain the reasons and circumstances for replacement. Please send this written request along with the original check request number to the Expenditure Control Department for processing.

Checks for a different vendor name or amount will require a new check request with new supporting documentation. Before the new check request is processed for payment, the original check must be cancelled and the funds placed back into the respective account.

Outstanding checks older than 12 months that have not already been replaced are automatically cancelled and are no longer valid. At that time, the respective University units/departments are notified of this occurrence. The funds for checks voided are credited back in the account which funded the original check as miscellaneous income with the exception of budgeted accounts. The unit/department is responsible for investigating whether or not amounts are still owed to the payee. If amounts are still owed, please contact the Expenditure Control Department for a replacement check as outlined above. Amounts outstanding that are still owed to parties after an extended period of time will be forwarded to the Georgia Department of Revenue as per Article 5 of Chapter 12 of Title 44 of Georgia law.

NOTE: The Foundation is not liable for fees and penalties incurred related to stale dated checks.

Last Updated on September 17, 2019