8.4 Travel

The University of Georgia reimburses employees for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred while performing approved official travel away from headquarters and places of residence. While the University of Georgia Foundation may fund travel expenses, Travel Expense Statements (TES) should be submitted to the University of Georgia and will be reimbursed using UGA/University System of Georgia (USG) travel policies, with certain exceptions as noted herein. See the University System of Georgia Travel Policies for information about reimbursable travel expenses for UGA/USG employees.  In accordance with UGA/USG policy, each employee must request his or her own reimbursement. The administrative head is responsible for ensuring that travel reimbursement requests are for reasonable and necessary amounts.

In rare circumstances, the University of Georgia Foundation will consider payment of reasonable and necessary travel expenses that are not allowable per the University System of Georgia.  Please contact the Foundation’s Expenditure Control Office prior to incurring said expenditures for processing and documentation requirements. 

Travel cash advances may be obtained by employees to pay for costs associated with travel. The amount of the travel advance should be calculated based on the estimated travel expenses on the Travel Authority (TA) but cannot exceed the TA amount. See Expenditure Control Cash Advances Policy 8.14 for more detail on cash advances for employees.

Last Updated on September 17, 2019