8.6 Employee-Only Meals to Facilitate University Business

Group Meals

The Foundation may reimburse vendors or employees for expenses incurred for employee-only group meals under the following circumstances:

  • Group meals should be held only to facilitate the effective and efficient operation of the departments involved.  For example, it may be that scheduling an intra-departmental meeting or training session is the most effective and efficient use of employees’ time given teaching schedules, travel schedules and other meeting commitments. In this instance, requiring employee to participate in a meeting which continues during the lunch hour may be the best means available to get the required participants in the same place for the period of time required. 
  • Meal expenses incurred while necessary and useful for conducting business should be reasonable and appropriate, and attendees should be limited to those necessary to achieve the business purpose.
  • Purchase of such meals must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Vice President or Director. Approval must include:
    • The purpose of the meeting or event,
    • A formal written agenda,
    • A list of attendees with their associated departments/entities, and
    • The cost of the meal per person.

Expenses that are excessive in frequency, number of participants, and/or cost, may not be approved by the Foundation at the discretion of the Chief Financial Officer.

Solo Meals

The Foundation will not reimburse University employees for solo meals. Employees should submit expenses for solo meals incurred while on business travel as a per diem charge using a Travel Expense Statement (TES) submitted through the University of Georgia system.

Last Updated on September 17, 2019