3.9.5 Services

A donor may wish to make a contribution of services such as catering, instruction, landscaping, floral arrangements, music, etc. The preferred way to handle these types of transactions would be for the donor to actually submit a bill/invoice for the services performed, accept payment, and then make a contribution (either by signing over the check or by issuing one from their personal account). If the donor does not wish to receive the income NOR claim a charitable deduction for Income Tax purposes, he/she may simply submit the bill/invoice to Gift Accounting as documentation to receive recognition (soft) credit. If this option is chosen, the donor will not but issued a gift receipt. The ‘value’ of the services will be recorded in GAIL as recognition credit only. Such gifts will be included in UGA fundraising reports and will ‘count’ for donor recognition purposes (e.g. Honor Roll) but they will not be included on the CAE/VSE report.

Last Updated on May 20, 2022