Requesting and Maintaining Query Access

To request query access in GAIL, all requests must be made to the Analytics and Reporting Manager by sending an email to askit@uga.edu and coping the requestor’s supervisor on the request. Please include a justification for the need for access. The request will then be reviewed to determine if query access is needed or if another access level is more appropriate. If access is determined to be needed, access will not be granted until attendance of a query training session has been completed.

Once access is granted, users will need to have created or modified at least 1 query within a 6 month period to retain query ability. If these actions are not taken in the specified time period, query access will be removed and replaced with “View Query” only access. Additionally, users with query access will be required to attend at least 1 “update” session a year. Failure to attend an “update” will result in query access being removed and replaced with “View Query” access. In order to regain query access in either case the user must attend a “refresher/update” query training session before access will be restored.

The central Analytics and Reporting team will be responsible for compliance with this policy.

Last Updated on June 24, 2019