4.1 Authority, Responsibilities and Duties

Gift Accounting is the clearinghouse for all private support of the University. They record all gifts, pledges, and deferred gifts made to the UGA Foundation and direct to the University, as well as UGA-affiliate organizations such as the 4-H Foundation, Friends of the State Botanical Garden, and the UGA Athletic Association. Gift Accounting provides gift receipts and pledge reminders to donors and various fund raising reports to both internal and external constituents.  In addition, they record non-gift revenue related to fundraising and alumni events.

Confidentiality in Gift and Payment Information – Gift Accounting works with sensitive donor and payment information. Any personal requests for access or changes to an individual’s giving or payment information must be requested or confirmed by that individual. This applies to giving information such as gift history and payment information such as personal account information. The requestor should verify their identity by providing their name and graduating year, if appropriate, and then by verifying the previous giving or payment information being changed.   

Changes to Biographical Information – Any unsolicited, personally requested changes to an individual’s biographical information should be requested or confirmed by that individual. The individual should verify their identity by providing their name and graduating year, if appropriate, and then by verifying the previous biographical information being changed. 

In an effort to comply with the FTC’s “Red Flags Rule,” this policy applies to updates to name, address, phone number, email address, and any other biographical information which may be used to confuse one person’s identity with another’s.

This does not apply to updates solicited through mailed surveys or acquired from independent or institutional sources, such as other UGA systems, the USPS, or data service providers.

Other Income

Gift Accounting is the central depository for all income related to fundraising events associated with the Office of Development and other non-gift revenue to the Foundation. This includes payments for event registrations, purchase of merchandise, rent income, etc.


Gift Accounting is responsible for the Foundation’s gift reporting for the University of Georgia.  Reports include: 1) annual Voluntary Support of Education Survey (VSE) for the Council for Aid to Education (CAE), 2) monthly Support of the University Report, 3) monthly Development Detail Report, and 4) Weekly Fundraising Report.  The monthly Support Reports and the Weekly Fundraising Reports are used by UGA administrators to monitor the progress of annual University-wide fundraising efforts. The VSE is used by both the USG Board of Regents (to compare the fundraising results among USG institutions) and by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE) for comparison with other member institutions. Gift Accounting also performs a review of any reports which reflect giving – whether for internal staff purposes or for use by outside entities.

Last Updated on June 21, 2019