Non-UGA Employee Requesting Data Lists (Usually a Volunteer)

A non-employee may acquire data from the GAIL system on these conditions: 1) completion of a non-disclosure form(found on the document tab of the constituent record of the requestor) has been signed with that non-employee (http://www.dar.uga.edu/gail_support_docs/Non-Disclosure_Person.pdf), 2) send all communication through the secure SendFiles application supported by EITS (http://wiki.eits.uga.edu/help/index.php/SendFiles), and 3) ensure the data is discarded immediately after the project is complete or two weeks from receiving the data file, whichever timeframe is shorter. Once data is retrieved from the system, it is the responsibility of the person with access to ensure the data remains secure. The UGA employee providing the data must follow-up with the non-employee to ensure the data has been destroyed by the end of the project or two weeks after receiving the data, whichever comes first.

An example of this type of request is: If a GAIL user is enlisting the help of a volunteer and wishes to send contact information to the volunteer, the GAIL user must ensure the security steps above are followed before handing out any information. Volunteers may include political advisory groups, corporate alumni groups, alumni chapters, etc.

Last Updated on June 24, 2019