8.13 Cash Awards for Employees and Non-Employees

UGA Foundation supports the disbursement of awards under certain circumstances and restrictions as described in more detail below.

Employee Awards (UGA Faculty and Staff)
Award payments to University employees funded by the Foundation must be paid as supplemental pay through UGA Payroll. Funding for and payment of awards for faculty and staff should be requested through the University’s payroll system. Award programs must adhere to the USG Incentive Compensation and Rewards Policy and must align with the trust purpose of the Foundation fund being utilized. Supplemental compensation paid to employees who are on UGA’s payroll shall not be paid as per diem and fees or as stipends. Each request must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Vice President, or Director. Supplemental compensation is subject to withholding in accordance with Internal Revenue Service and appropriate state taxing agency regulations. The requesting department must have preapproval of the program through University Human Resources (UHR). Approval is documented and reviewed through UHR, and the funding source is audited by the Foundation. Proposed awards programs can be sent to hrweb@uga.edu for approval.

Please refer to UGA and USG policy for further information regarding additional compensation.

Instructions for submitting an award through UGA’s payroll system can be found in UGA’s Knowledge Base.

Non-Employee Awards (not related to performance of services as an employee of UGA)
Student awards funded by the Foundation are transferred to UGA and applied to the student’s account by the Bursar’s Office. Please see policy 8.12.1 for the recommended process for student aid payments.
In rare circumstances, an award check may be issued to a non-employee if in accordance to the donor fund agreement and UGAF expenditure policies The Foundation can only process non-employee payments for U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens. Payments for non-resident aliens or international persons must go through UGA Accounts Payable Office.

To request a non-employee award, the requesting unit should complete a check request and an Award for Non-employee form. Each completed form should include a description of the award as well as the parameters used to determine the recipient along with a justification of why the payment should be made directly to the recipient. Requests must be approved by the appropriate Dean, VP, or Director. Please contact the Expenditure Control Department for awards which are to be made without the recipient(s) knowledge for special processing.

Last Updated on June 28, 2023