8.13 Cash Awards for Employees and Students

Awards are allowed under certain restrictions for UGA employees and students. For restricted Foundation funds that provide support for salary payments (e.g. endowed professorships), the University Contracts and Grants system charges the Foundation for such salary and fringe benefit payments monthly.

Employee Awards

UGA Faculty, Staff, Graduate StudentWorkers and Undergraduate Student Workers

Any award payments to University employees funded by the Foundation must be made through the University payroll system. Funding for and payment of awards for faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students should be requested through the Foundation with the submittal of a check request and an Award Request for UGA Employees form. The check request should be forwarded at least 30 days in advance of the award presentation to the Foundation office for timely processing. Each check request should include the business purpose for the employee award as well as the parameters used to determine the recipient.

Each request must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Vice President or Director. The request should then be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for approval to confirm compliance with University System of Georgia policies and procedures regarding payment of awards to UGA/USG employees. Once the approved request is received by the the Foundation, the Foundation will then notify the UGA Payroll Department of the award and the employee will receive the award through UGA Payroll. Each award will be subject to the applicable federal and state taxes and retirement assessment for that employee as determined by the UGA Payroll Department.

Non-Employee Awards Paid Directly to Students (not related to performance of services as an employee of UGA)

Most student awards funded by the Foundation are transferred to UGA and applied to the student’s account by the Bursar’s Office. Please see policy 8.13 for processing of scholarship awards. 

In rare circumstances, an award check may be issued directly to a student. To request such awards, the requesting unit should complete a check request and an Award Scholarship Request for Students form. Each completed form should include a description of the award as well as the parameters used to determine the recipient along with a justification of why the payment should be made directly to the student. Each request must be approved by the appropriate Dean, VP or Director. The request must also be approved by the Director of Financial Aid.

If a student receives a form of payment or assistance because either (a) he or she is enrolled in postsecondary education, or (b) the assistance is to pay for postsecondary education expenses, then the amount of that payment/assistance is typically considered financial aid and should be reported to UGA Financial Aid. Any questions as to whether a student payment should be reported as financial aid should be directed to the office of the UGA Director of Financial Aid.

For international persons (both students and employees), an IRS W-9 form must be submitted with the check request verifying the recipient’s citizenship as well as name, permanent address, and social security number. For international persons that are not U.S. citizens, awards must be processed through UGA.

Please contact the Expenditure Control Department for awards which are to be made without the recipient(s) knowledge for special processing.

Last Updated on September 17, 2019